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American Indian Studies Center Graduates- Call For Submissions

The American Indian Studies Center would like to invite all AISC graduates to submit a paragraph, photos or other information you would like to share with those who visit our site. Personal statements or quotes are welcome. Please note that all submissions are subject to editing. We are not asking for UCLA or AISC appraisals or recruitment statements - just information about yourself!

Names, tribal affiliations, and graduation year will be listed, unless otherwise specified. Confidentiality and sharing will be at your discretion. Minimally we ask that you include your name, degree(s), and tribal affiliation. Additional information may include: field of study, current educational institution, employment, future goals, curriculum vitae or other community involvement listings, or a link to your email/website address.

Here's a Partial Listing of Our Graduates (in Alphabetical Order):

Nobuko Aikawa, M.A. 1994
Currently a translator for Japanese publishers, translating contemporary Native American novels, autobiographies and children's books into the Japanese language.

Paul Apodaca, (Navajo), M.A. 1995, Ph.D., UCLA, Folklore 1999
Professor at Chapman University, Visiting Professor at UCLA, Regional Advisor to the National Museum of the American Indian (California-Nevada-Utah region), member of the Native California Network and a board member for the California Council for the Humanities.

Margaret Archuleta, (Pueblo and Apache), M.A. 1987
Currently the Curator of Contemporary American Indian Art with the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

Lorenzo Baca, (Isleta Pueblo/Mescalero Apache), M.A. 1986

Jillian Berkland, (Ojibway), M. A. 1995
Currently in the Ph.D. program in anthropology at UCLA.

Natchee Blu Barnd, (Anishinaabe), M.A. 1999
Completed a PhD in Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego in 2008.  Email:

Barbara Bullock, M.A. 1986
Lectures in American Indian Studies

Carol Buswell, (Cherokee), M.A. 1997
Currently the Education/Volunteer Specialist at the National Archives and Records Administration in Seattle, Washington. She has also published reference works on American Indian Rolls.

Paola Carini, M.A. 1995
Planning on joining a Ph.D. program in literature. Pursuing an interest in American Indian literature. She plans to teach this subject in her native country of Italy.

Melinda Castel De Oro, M.A. 1985
Consultant and free lance researcher with emphasis on California Indian oral history.

Cynthia L. Chavez, (San Felipe/Hopi/Tewa/Navajo), M.A., American Indian Studies, 1997
Currently a Riley Scholar in Residence at The Colorado College. Completing a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico.

Zoila Cruz, M.A. 1985
Working in business in Los Angeles.

Allison Davis, (Northern Cheyenne), M.A. 1988
Ph.D. program at the University of Oregon.

Carolyn Dunn (Cherokee/Muskogee/Seminole) M.A. 1992
Taught at Humboldt State, Four Winds Indian School, Cal Poly Pomona. Mother of 3, currently pursuing Ph.D. in American Studies from USC.

Christopher Everett, (Chickasaw-Chickamauga), M.A. 1997
Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in History at Vanderbilt University.

Barbara Feezor-Stewart, (Yankton Sioux), M.A. 1990, Ph.D., Anthropology, UCLA 1994
Teaching at Augustana College in Minnesota.

Stephanie Fitzgerald, (Canadian Cree-Metis), M.A. 1998
Completed a Ph.D. in English at Claremont Graduate University in 2005. Currently an assistant professor of English and Global Indigenous Nations Studies at the University of Kansas.

Elissa Fleak (Mono) Microbiology B.S., American Indian Studies minor,1999
After graduating from UCLA continued medical research through Harvard University. Currently a Deputy Coroner for Los Angeles County. Serves as NAGPRA/tribal liaison for Indian remains found in Los Angeles County.

Lavinia Gammon, M.A. 1994

Donald Harvey, (Tohono O'Odham), M.A. 1990
Completed an advanced degree in Educational Administration at the University of Arizona . He has worked for the Navajo Nation and for the Tohono O'Odham tribe.

Jacob Goff (Tohono O'odham) BFA, Fine Art, 1999
Currently working as a freelance artist and Substitute teacher in Mesa Arizona. Served as the Vice President of AISA from 1997 to 1999 and created images for the UCLA Pow Wow from 1998 tile 2003. Plans to go back to school to specialize in museum curation and repatriation.

Lee Ann Herold, (Cherokee), M.A. 1984, UC Berkeley Boalt Law School 1987
She is with the law firm of Meyer & Hendricks contributing to the firm's practice in Water Rights, Environmental and Indian Law.

Therese Hickey , (Eastern Cherokee), B.A. 2001
Currently attending the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley.

Charmaine Huntting, (Cherokee/Creek), J.D. 1993
Currently a staff attorney with the legal department of the California School Employees Association, practicing labor relations law. Previously practiced federal Indian law as a staff attorney at California Indian Legal Services.

Blanca Jensen, M.A. 1996
Currently working as a production specialist for Cangleska, Inc., a domestic violence organization chartered by the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.

Troy Johnson, M.A. 1988, Ph.D., History, 1993
Professor of History and American Indian Studies at California State University, Long Beach.

Norma Joseph, (Sauk/Suiattle), M.A. 1985
Tribal administrator

Jun Kamata, M.A. 1998
Received a Ph.D. in Urban Planning at UCLA in 2004.

David Kamper, M.A. 1998
Completed a Ph.D. in Anthropology at UCLA in 2003. Currently assistant professor of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University.

Amelia Katanski, M.A. 1998
Received a Ph.D. in English at Tufts University in 2000. Currently an assistant professor of English at Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

Jeanette Kilis, M.A. 1994
Plans to teach at community colleges around Los Angeles.

Francis Krystock, M.A. 1990
Collections Manager for the Fowler Museum at UCLA.

Lorinda Mall, (Native Hawaiian/Oklahoma Cherokee) B.A. 2000
Currently in her final year in the JD/MA (American Indian Studies) program at the University of Arizona.

Michael R. McLaughlin (Winnebago) M.L.I.S. 1995, M.A., American Indian Studies, 1998
American Indian Resource Center Librarian, County of Los Angeles Public Library Huntington Park, California

Shawn McLendon, (Cherokee), B.A., Psychology 1999

Heather L. McMillan (Lumbee), J.D. 2005
Currently a policy analyst with the Indian Health Service, Division of Regulatory Affairs, in Rockville, MD.

Derek Milne, M.A. 1996
Completing a Ph.D. in Anthropology at UCLA and teaching at Pasadena City College.

Eric Morrison, B.A. in Political Science
One of the first 25 to begin the American Indian Studies Program. He was a student from 1969 to 1972. Received B.A. in Political Science at the University of Washington.

Angela Mullis, M.A. 1998
Completed a Ph.D. in English at the University of Arizona in 2005. Currently assistant professor of English at Mount Olive College in North Carolina.

Joseph Nelson, (Tlingit/Eyak), M.A. 1998
Received JD at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles in 2001. Currently practicing law in Juneau, Alaska.

George Patterson, M.A. 1989

Susan Peters [Croteau], M.A. 1997

Timothy Ramos, (Pomo), M.A. 1997
Plans to enter film-making, teach film at the college level, serve as a consultant to the Pomo Tribe of California and encourage youth involvement in the media.

James Riding In, (Pawnee), M.A. 1985, Ph.D., History, UCLA 1991
Associate professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University. Editor of the journal Wicazo Sa Review.

Alfred Robinson, M.A. 1992
Works for traditional tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

A. Robert Rhoan, (Choinumni/Creek) B.A. History and Political Science, 1999
Received a J.D. from University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 2003. Served as a judicial extern to Justice Carlos R. Moreno, California Supreme Court in 2003. Currently works for the international law firm Bingham, McCutchen LLP focusing on federal Indian law and commercial litigation.

Amy Rouillard, (Lakota), M.A. 1995
Currently the San Diego Program Officer for the California Council for the Humanities. Worked with the Kumeyaay cultural preservation project on the Barona reservation curated several museum exhibits, and conducted research and taught on the Sycuan reservation in southern California.

Michelle Skvarla, M.A. 1989
Malibu, CA Realtor

David Smith, (Winnebago), M.A. 1986
Teaching American Indian Studies at a Nebraska Community College. Winnebago Tribal Historian for the Winnebago Tribal Council in Nebraska.

Natalie Stites, (Cheyenne River Sioux), B.A. 1999 History and American Indian Studies minor
Currently a student in the UCLA J.D./M.A. joint degree program in Law and American Indian Studies.

Azul Terronez, M.A. 1994

Karen Wallace, M.A. 1996

Received her Ph.D. in English from UCLA in 1998.

Amy M. Ware, M.A. 1999
Formerly, the Assistant Editor for the UCLA American Indian Studies Center's publications department. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of Texas-Austin.

Lisa Wiley, M.A. 1997
Plans to teach American Indian Studies at a junior college in northern California.

Christine A. Williams, (Yurok), B.A. 1996
She was the director of RAIN! from 1996-1997. Graduated from Arizona State University College of Law in 2000 with a Certificate in Indian Law. In 2002, she started an Indian Law firm, Johnson, Thompson & Williams LLP, where she is currently a partner. She may be contacted through the firm's website at:

Lola Worthington, (Caddo), M.A. 1994
Currently a Ph.D. student in World Arts and Cultures at UCLA.

Kazushi Yabe, M.A. 1998
Currently working in account management for an advertising agency in Tokyo, Japan.

Patty Young-Colman, M.A. 1999
Historian for the National Park Service and teaching at various southern California colleges.

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