The Making of Saint Kateri – The First American Indian Saint of the Catholic Church

Thursday, November 29, 2012
3 – 5  PM
UCLA Student Activities Center, Basement Room 3

On Sunday, October 21, 2012, Catherine “Kateri” Tekakwitha, became the first American Indian to be canonized a saint of the Catholic Church. The canonization is not without its critics and will certainly generate a tremendous amount of scholarship and media attention. Who was Kateri and what significance does her sainthood hold for American Indian Christians today?

Please join Clementine Bordeaux and Rebecca Rosser for a discussion of this historic event. Rebecca will give a brief overview of Tekakwitha’s life, and Clementine will present photographs and screen clips from the video diary she is making of the canonization.

Clementine Bordeaux, MC, is a trained film maker and is the Academic Coordinator of the UCLA American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program.

Rebecca Rosser, MFA, PhD, is the Assistant Director of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center.