Useful Websites

One of the more common requests we receive here at the American Indian Studies Center Library is for websites related to the particular topic the person is researching. As amazing as the web sometimes is, for the most part the web is not a substitute for library and/or archival research.

The web site links you find below, including several very helpful 'collection' sites, are some of those we find useful in serving students, faculty, and staff in the AISC Library. Our selections are not intended to be comprehensive. Sites are chosen to suggest some places to begin your search for information about American Indian peoples on the web, as well as to bring to your attention particular locations on selected topics. We hope you will find these selections helpful.

A good place to begin your search on the web for information about Native Americans because it points to issues of concern in evaluating websites with content about Native Americans, as well as websites in general.

Techniques For Evaluating American Indian Websites

A good place to begin your search on the web for information about Native Americans because it points to issues of concern in evaluating websites with content about Native Americans, as well as websites in general.

Native American Studies Programs

Guide to Native American Studies Programs

University of Richmond site, edited by Robert M. Nelson, listing Native America programs by region and degrees granted by institutions.


Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

One of the most useful general collections of links to websites with information content about Native Americans. This site was previously located on a server at MIT.

Native American Sites

An excellent set of collections of links to websites by and about Native Americans. The often honored site is created by Lisa Mitten.

Native Web

Created and maintained by volunteers, Native Web links to Indigenous web resources around the world, including Native America. This site is particularly good for locating Indigenous web resources in Latin American countries.



California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program

California government site providing links to cultural resources, federal, state, and local laws, codes and ordinances, all related to provide information on California's rich cultural heritage and the efforts involved protecting it.

Rock Art Archive

This site is sponsored by the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA and lists information on collections acquired by UCLA documenting mostly the West and Southwest and some other U.S. regions along with some data on the Pacific and Europe.

The South Central Coastal Information Center (SCCIC)

The Center, located at California State University, Fullerton, provides historic archeological information on Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. Among a number of other resources the Center has records on archeological sites, historic places and landmarks.

Business, Economics

Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

This project, based at Harvard University, provides research, advisory and educational resources in service of the Native American community.

Canadian Government Sites

Aboriginal Health Research Networks

The AHRNet Secretariat is the coordinating body for the nine Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research (NEAHR) centers located across Canada.

Aboriginal Relations - Alberta

A very useful site created by the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations of the provincial government of Alberta.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Webpage has links to aboriginal programs and services, publication and research information, culture, and history in Canada.


AIHEC - American Indian Higher Education Consortium

This organization supports 34 tribal colleges in the United States with such goals as maintaining quality of education, assisting institutions and working on legislation to ensure their future success.

Bureau of Indian Education

Formerly known as the Office of Indian Education Programs. Bureau of Indian Affairs office site dedicated to schools (kindergarten through colleges) educational programs (kindergarten, higher, and adult), which also provides links to many other related sites.

Culturally Based Education Influences on the Academic Performance of Native American Students

Site links to an extensive bibliography, in PDF format, authored by W.G. Demmert and J.C. Towner of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

Journal of American Indian Education

Site provides links to abstracts and full text articles published as early as 1961. Full text articles are not available for most recent three years.


The National Indian Education Association promotes access to education for American Indians, it is the largest and oldest such organization. This webpage provides links to NIEA resolutions, newsletters, and to educational legislative and policy issues.

NWREL Rural and Native Education

The Northwest Regional Education Laboratory (NWREL) offers educational resources related to technology, career, and community matters.


American Indian Environmental Office

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) webpage offering information on environmental programs and tribal contacts. Site also connects users to links with policies, laws, regulations, publications, and other resources.


California Gambling Control Commission

State of California website listing control acts, executive orders and other laws and regulations. Site also has information on tribal compacts, casinos, and on the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund.

CNIGA - California Nations Indian Gaming Association

CNIGA provides information on gaming, tribal members and gaming-related legal issues.

National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)

Non-profit organization of 184 Indian Nations, with access to legislative, educational and media information.

National Indian Gaming Commission

The National Indian Gaming Commission is an independent federal regulatory body in charge of, among many other issues, regulating Indian gaming and ensuring that profits from gaming benefit the Indian tribes involved. Webpage provides links to reports, legislative acts, regulations, tribal data and related links.

National Gambling Impact Study Commission

NGISC links, reports and recommendations along with general and research data. Provides also a gambling statutes database.


AIAN map of United States

United States maps, prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau, with geographic information on American Indians and Alaska Natives. Maps also have thematic inserts showing miscellaneous data on the American Indian population.

Indian Land Cessions in the United States, United States Digital Map Archives

Historic land cession maps indexed by states depicted. Source: Indian Land Cessions in the United States, compiled by Charles C. Royce

Portrayals of Native Americans

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library webpage with images of Native Americans ranging from 1590 until 1996. Site is illustrated with archival materials and images from books, pamphlets, and other sources.

Smithsonian Native American Resources

Encyclopedia Smithsonian lists Native American resources, links to selected exhibitions, and recommended readings. Select the Topic - “American Indian history and culture” and click Search.

Government Information

American Indian and Alaska Native Links

Census data on tribes, reservations along with maps, surveys and population estimates.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

This U.S. government site offers a number of links dealing with tribal and governmental matters.

Health, Healthcare

American Indian Health

National Library of Medicine site with tribal health information which also includes links to traditional healing methods.

Broken Promises

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights report on the Native American Health Care System, produced in 2004.

Health Care to Native Americans

National Library of Medicine (NLM) exhibit, held in 1994, documenting the history of health care provided to Native Americans.

Healthfinder ®

Healthfinder is a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Under the category “Find Services Near You”, see “Native American Health.”

MEDLINEplus Native American Health

Provided by the National Library of Medicine, this site lists information and links related to Native American health. Site has information on specific conditions, research, clinical trials, organization, statistics, children, and women.

Native Health Databases

University of New Mexico site dealing with health-related articles, reports, and surveys. Its section dealing with Native health issues provides a large number of online resources dealing with Native American healthcare.

Program Statistics- IHS Headquarters Publications

Indian Health Services site with links to publications, research, statistics, and reports.

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research: American Indian Research

This UCLA website provides links to research programs dealing with American Indians and Alaska Natives. Data is available on current and recent projects with links to publications and fact sheets.

Understanding Disabilities

Published by the National Council on Disability this publication deals disabilities within the American Indian community and related topics such as education, independent living, and rehabilitation.



The Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of America represents American Indian linguistics. This webpage has links to its bulletins, and to journals and dissertations.

Teaching Indigenous Languages

This Northern Arizona University site offers information on indigenous languages with links to conferences, teaching methods, and status reports.


The Avalon Project Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans

Yale Law School based project documenting treaties between the United States and Native Americans.

California Indian Legal Services

American Indian legal service with five offices in California and one in Washington D.C. CILS, in addition to the Indian Child Welfare Act: California Judges Bench Guide also provides a number of links dealing with American Indian education, laws, business, casinos, policies, and advocacy programs.

FindLaw Legal Subjects Indian and Native Peoples Law Primary Materials

Site lists specific links to legal cases, U.S. codes, treaties, regulatory acts, and related projects.

Internet Law Library, American Indian Nations and Tribes

Available here are links to American Indian treaties, codes, publications, bibliographies, and articles.

Legal Information Institute - US Code Collection

Cornell University listing of collection of codes, Title 25 - Indians.

NCJRS Abstracts Database

National Criminal Justice Reference Service abstracts database for research related to most criminal justice issues.

National American Indian Court Judges Association

Furnished are information on tribal courts along with comprehensive data on legal terms, legal issues, and resources.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project

A project of the University of Oklahoma and the National Indian Law Library this site offers full text access to tribal constitutions, research materials on Indian lands, treaties, Solicitor’s Opinions, Supreme Court updates and a number of other links and research guides.

Native American Rights Fund

NARF is a non-profit law firm in service of the Native American community. The website also provides a link to the National Indian Law Library (NILL), links to legal documents, reviews and reports and a topical guide for additional subject matters.

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

The Tribal Court Clearinghouse is a project of the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, an American Indian owned non-profit institution. It offers a number of links to federal, state and tribal laws and a comprehensive list of resources related to such issues as drugs, domestic violence, housing and elder abuse. Its "Program Resources and Native Resources" pages list a large number of additional links ranging from tribal courts and federal agencies to education and gaming.

USDOJ Tribal Justice and Safety

U.S. Department of Justice American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs website with links to articles, research, statistics and other websites.


ASAIL home page

Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures promotes research on Native American literature. The full text of a large proportion of ASAIL’s publication, Studies in American Indian Literature, is provided. It also provides a newsletter, listing of new books, and fellowship information.

Native American Women Playwrights Archive

Organization promoting original materials by Native American women. Site also has NWPA newsletters, links to programs and productions, and an online exhibit titled "Spiderwoman Theater."

Local, California Sites

California Native American Heritage Commission

California government site with links to a strategic plan, state laws and codes, local ordinances, and cultural resources.

Early California Laws And Policies Related to California Indians

Report in a PDF format, prepared by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds, analyzing the effects of California laws on the lives of California Indians.

Fernandeño-Tataviam Tribe

This webpage provides tribal government and local history information on the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians. Additional links connect the user to a number of government, education, and community links.

Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation

Site has information on the early inhabitants of the Los Angeles area and links to local cultural events.

The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation

This website offers information on tribal courts and governments and local culture. The collection of links also includes many sites on other internet resources and a tribal enrollment form.

Socioeconomic Characteristics of American Indians in Los Angeles County

Report, prepared at UCLA, examines the socioeconomic status and geographic distribution of American Indians using census data.


Wishtoyo website promoting preservation of cultural values of the Chumash Nation and greater environmental awareness.



The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society is a source with links to full-text news sources along with links to health-related information, book reviews, and community events.

Indian Country News

Wisconsin based Indian-owned publication with materials related to American Indian matters which include national and local news, entertainment, and directories.

Indian Country Today

ICT is a nationally recognized source of news, along with links to health, and education. Site also provides an archive with full-text articles.

Native American Journalists Association

NAJA offers news, programs, convention information and links to fellowships, publications, and community matters.

Native American Public Telecommunications

NAPT provides education about information technologies and produces educational telecommunication programs. A link to tribal websites is available along with a media archives with data from as early as 1995.

NMAI Film and Media Catalog

A National Museum of the American Indian guide to Native media sources. Click on "Titles" for a list of film and video titles.


California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

Site has links to a video lecture series, articles, reading list and a listing for upcoming events and workshops.

Malki Museum

This webpage provides information on the Malki Museum, located in Banning on the Morongo Reservation. Additional links are provided to its publications including the Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology.

National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian webpage with information on exhibitions, events, and education.

Southwest Museum of the American Indian

Merged with the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in 2003 to form the Autry National Center, this site provides information about events, exhibitions, the libraries of the two museums, and other information.

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Museum webpage provides links to exhibits and collections dealing with the Cherokee experience.


American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation

This non-profit organization's mission is to provide assistance with the repatriation of Native American ceremonial materials and foster better cultural and historical awareness. The website provides a link to "Mending the Circle: A Native American Repatriation Guide," articles dealing with repatriation, links to additional sites, and a listing of museums with Native American artifacts.

Smithsonian Repatriation Office Webpage

A service of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, this website has links to consultation services, repatriation reports and an FAQ section which attempts to answer many repatriation related questions.