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New online database showcases tribal governance resources

A new database on tribal governance is now available http://phys.org/news/2012-10-online-database-showcases-tribal-resources.html. "The Indigenous Governance Database, recently launched by the UA's Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management and Policy, pulls together in one central location articles, case studies, videos and other resources focused on governance, sovereignty, leadership, and sustainable economic and community development."

Resource for High School Students: Paying for College (Scholarship Booklet)

This is a contribution, to provide scholarship information for Native students, to encourage and promote postsecondary education for Native students, to promote networking opportunities for Native Americans, and to raise awareness and appreciation for the contributions made by Native Americans to our society. I share this resource with the hope that you would also seek compassion about young people who need guidance and support toward finding the quality of life. You may duplicate and distribute this free booklet. ~Rosie Dayzie, email: rosie.dayzie@gmail.com

Extramural Funding Opportunities for Entering Students

Many of the fellowships provide multiple years of funding and are for students in their first year or two of graduate studies. After that, they are no longer eligible to apply. Thus the sooner students learn about these opportunities, the better their chances of preparing a strong application.

Torres Martinez Tribal TANF

Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians’ vision is to create opportunities in education, economic development, social services and other aspects of life for its tribal members and employees to become productive citizens and neighbors, thus creating a more harmonious community.
WE ARE HIRING for a variety positions in Cultural Preservation, Career Guidance, GED and Child Development Instruction at our Thermal, Murrieta, San Jacinto, Long Beach, Monterey Park and  Palmdale sites.  Positions involve work with youth ages K-12 through 24 years of age through development and utilization of unique programs, events and educational activities with a strong emphasis on Native American culture, language, and history. Professional and Program Assistant positions are available. For a complete list of open positions and more information on Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians and the TM Tribal TANF, please see link to our Job Board   http://www.torresmartinez.org/Departments/HR/JobBoard.aspx

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