Faculty Advisory Committee

The UCLA American Indian Studies Center Faculty Advisory Committee comprises of members from different departments all over the campus. Click on each individual members' research focus to read more about them.

Members of the FAC are available for contact by the media: Media Contact List.


Faculty Advisory Committee Chair

Professor Teresa McCarty
UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Email: teresa.mccarty@ucla.edu
Research Focus

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee

Associate Professor Randall Akee
Department of Public Policy
Email: rakee@ucla.edu
Research Focus
Assistant Professor Tria Blu Wakpa
Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance
Email: triabluwakpa@arts.ucla.edu
Research Focus
Associate Professor Erin Debenport
Department of Anthropology
Email: erindebenport@ucla.edu
Research Focus
Associate Professor Mishuana Goeman
Department of Gender Studies
Email: goeman@gender.ucla.edu
Research Focus
Professor Paul Kroskrity
Department of Anthropology
Email: paulvk@ucla.edu
Research Focus
Associate Professor Benjamin Madley
Department of History
Email: madley@ucla.edu
Research Focus
Assistant Professor Ananda Marin
Department of Education
Email: marin@gseis.ucla.edu
Research Focus
Professor Nancy Marie Mithlo
Department of Gender Studies
Email: mithlo@ucla.edu
Research Focus
Associate Professor Stella Nair
Department of Art History
Email: snair@humnet.ucla.edu
Research Focus
Professor Angela R. Riley
School of Law
Email: riley@law.ucla.edu
Research Focus
Dr. Wendy Teeter
Curator of Archaeology, Fowler Museum
Email: wteeter@arts.ucla.edu
Research Focus