Angela Riley, Duane Champagne, David Montoya joined community members for the Urban Indian Roundtable.
The American Indian Studies Center at UCLA is committed to generating research that impacts the lives of the local, national, and global indigenous and scholarly communities. The Center has supported conferences and published books on subjects ranging from contemporary American Indian theater to California Indian recognition efforts to the Indian Child Welfare Act. Affiliated scholars have presented recommendations to state and federal governments as well as the United Nations to advance economic development, tribal governance, cultural and language revitalization, and sovereign rights in tribal communities.

Below are a few highlights of the Center's ongoing research projects:

HateMap - The HateMap Project seeks to address this need by providing a crowd-sourced platform that enables researchers and victims to report hate-based incidents in detail, without having to approach law enforcement.

UCLA Mapping Indigenous LA Project - aims to uncover and highlight the multiple layers of indigenous Los Angeles through a storymapping project with youth, community leaders, and elders from indigenous communities throughout the city.

Policy Briefs & Reports - The American Indian Studies Center, in conjunction with The California Wellness Foundation, The American Indian Community Council, and the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission, developed a series of policy briefs and technical memos.

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